My Route

I spent the morning turning the spreadsheet containing my route into a more accessible map version. You can always visit the route again in my About page, and I will try to keep my current location up to date. There will be some days without access to the internet, but I will let you guys know if I am going off the grid for a few days.


Getting ready

Hey guys!

Six days until I leave for Portland, Oregon! I have finalized the route that I am taking for the first half and my bike is assembled in Portland (Thanks West End Bikes!). Aside from the rear derailleur hanger getting bent in shipment, (which was fixed as my bike is being put back together) everything is going off without a hitch!

A quick Preview about the Starting Town:


  • Population: 609,456
  • # of Bike Shops: 68
  • Places of Interest: the Grotto, Powell’s City of Books, various Breweries

I look forward to posting again soon!