I had a great final few days in Wisconsin. John and I had some great head winds. On Friday we were going to go to Lake Mills, but the only place to stay in town had reviews suggesting bed bugs, so we biked about 10 miles to Johnston Creek.

The next day we were happy that we had 10 miles less to bike because the headwinds and rain were pretty bad. We were happy to get to the Leigh’ s house! They were awesomely hospital with their food, drinks, conversation and poodles. 

The oldest gravestone was from 1822

We saw a really cool old cemetery along the way. There were many cool old gravestones.

Goodbye Wisconsin

On Sunday I had a short and sweet 13 mile ride to the ferry, where I had a quick lunch with my Mom and John, before leaving John behind to continue my mission eastward. It was nice having tailwind, even if I only biked 13 miles. I got to Muskegon right around 4, and biked a few more miles.

Michigan Trails

I was happy to get to Rockford to hang out with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins house. I hung out and was able to start catching up on watching Doctor Who. I loved catching up with my family, and I look forward to continuing east!


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