Almost done with Michigan!


Lunch on the Trail

Michigan has been gorgeous so far! Over half of the miles I have ridden across Michigan has been on Paved Rail to Trail Bike trails, isolated from the roads. The farm fields are still surrounded trees.



I have been have many lovely picnic lunches/snacks along the Road. I even ran into another Bikepacker in the evening on Tuesday at a campground. He was also from Sheboygan and biking on his new recumbent bike to Washington DC. I have been a little hesitant about camping on the side of the road like I did in the West as Michigan has stricter Trespassing Laws, and I don’t want to get into trouble. It is rather unfortunate as Michigan camping is kinda ridiculous. I look forward to Canada which goes back to the more lax trespassing laws :).


Pretty Purple Flowers

I’m currently camped in Sutter’s Recreational Campground, where they gave me a biker discount! (Yay!) After I set up camp, a somewhat quiet guy came up and invited me to Dinner with him and his wife. They were both motorcyclists, veterans, and wonderful people to have dinner with. They told me about all the romantic trips they took on their anniversaries, made me a spider made out of beads, and made sure I got a s’more before I left. They were super worried about me camping in the rain, even though I was under the pavilion. They told me probably a little too much about their various medical and personal issues, but it was lovely to talk to a few friendly faces.


Camping on a Pavilion to avoid the rain


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