I spent yesterday in weather that was so Misty and Foggy, that I couldn’t wear my glasses due to the water droplets. It was a fun ride into Port Huron, and Michigan has a much better management of gravel roads. The paved roads don’t turn into gravel at the county line.

Border Crossing

I found out this morning that MDOT would give me a ride across the bridge for free, when previously I thought I needed to go down to Marine City. This saved me so much time that I got to London, ON one day ahead of schedule. The only bad thing about Canada so far is I forgot that I wouldn’t have cell service, so I had to stop outside a couple Tim Horton’s and Starbucks to get in contact with my London Warmshower Host to see if I can stay an extra day!


So far my time in Canada has been pretty great!


One thought on “Canada!

  1. What an awesome day! That must have really lifted your spirits!
    It must be fun to watch early spring turn into summer, seeing the details of a changing season right up close.
    It must also be odd to be unattached from your daily life for such an extended time too. Seems nice


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