Made it to New York


It got up to the 80s today

I had a great few days in Canada! I had Tim Horton’s in both Michigan and Canada, and I must say the Canadian version was so much better! I realized that I like the Metric system, Due to the Kilometer being a smaller unit of measure I regularly are going over 100 km a day!


Good Weather

When I pulled into my campsite (a soccer field complex under construction.) A adorable family asked me to help them look for a Geocache, which we didn’t end up finding.


Canadian Niagara Falls was having a Spring festival!

I pulled into Niagara Falls and they were having a super cute Spring Festival. I was really bummed out that I didn’t have any Canadian Cash to buy some of the v\cute stuff and street food. I was planning on Camping in Niagara Falls, but I was feeling like I didn’t bike Far enough so now I am in Lockport!


This is my “I can’t find the Entrance to the Bridge to the US Face



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