When in Rome

Erie Canal

I can’t believe I am getting close to being done! New York has a pretty awesome trail along the Erie Trail. As long as I am not expecting poor weather, I have been riding on the trail, because although it isn’t paved (it’s crushed stone for most of it) the views are amazing!

A shy Shiba named Henry

In Rochester, I stayed with a wonderful couple with a wonderfully shy Shiba. David told me all about his time teaching international baccalaureate students in Crete, and took me on a walk with Henry the Shiba around the City.

More Erie Canal

Yesterday I had a few technical issues, as the cable on my front derailleur stretched which prevented me from changing gears. When I went to the Local Bike Shop in Auburn, the guy told me that was impossible because my bike was so old. After I explained my bike has just had a really tough 2 months, and it was actually pretty new, we started chatting about my trip. I felt a little bad when I left, because he refused to charge me, but I guess I can’t be mad for not having to pay for my bike being adjusted and being able to hide from the rain for a bit.

Oscar and Noodles

That night I stayed with a lovely family. I could tell I stopped at the right house, when I saw a ton of different bikes on their porch. The evening was filled with great conversation, dachshund cuddles, and some awesome Netflix time. Their house had a really cool layout, and they had a basement that had to be accessed though cellar doors which I found to be pretty cool.

Distant Hills

This morning was a little rough as the first 20 miles was on a bunch of short and steep hills up and down. After I reached Syracuse I was able to grab the Canal trail again for about an hour before I moved onto roads to try and beat the looming thunderstorms. While on the road I managed to stop for some delicious raspberry ice cream in some town that had an Italian sounding name. Given that I definitely road through Verona, and I am staying in Rome, I think I am in a very Italian area of the US!

Aqueduct for intersecting rivers


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