The Commonwealth


MA/ NY Border

I have had an excellent few days in Massachusetts! The first day was a pretty short day of just over 40 miles to Pittsfield, MA. After the relatively flat days following the Canal trail, the Berkshire mountains was a little bit tiring, but I didn’t need to walk my bike up anything. The mountains and hills in the East had shorter climbs than the mountains in the West, but it seems like the road planners decided to go straight up the mountains and hills rather than around in snaking roads.


Berkshire Mountains

My PIttsfield host was very friendly and made dinner for me and a fellow cyclist, Chen Lui (sp?). I actually passed Chen a few days ago when I was on my way to Rome. He is from South Korea, and before he starts his last year of University, he decided to travel to America and do a solo bike ride across the states. It is his first time in America, and his favorite part of his ride was the Grand Canton.


Terrible photo of my Host, Jay, and fellow Cyclist Chen

From Pittsfield, I went to Amherst (pronounced without the H). Along the way I stopped at the Old Creamery for Lunch. The food was delicious and I ended up talking to two very nice ladies. They saw me roll up and were curious about my loaded down bike. After talking to them for a few minutes, they ended up buying my sweet italian sausage grinder and my blueberry ice cream. When I got into Amherst, I stayed with Bob and Carol Biagi. Even though I am only tangentially related to them, and I haven’t seen them since I was three, they opened their home and hospitality to me. They offered me some wonderful conversations about people who go on crazy solo adventures, a few glasses of hard cider and wine, and some beautiful homemade manicotti. They were super kind and I would love to see them more frequently.


The Old Creamery

Today I rode to Westborough, just outside of Worcester (pronounced like a toddler saying “Rooster”). It was a very hilly day and I managed to get my highest about of climb on my trip to date (the Previous record was climbing 3 mountains in one day!). I ended up staying with Dana and Mary, the Parents of my hosts from Albany which is really cool. They make me feel right at home, and I managed to get a bit of motherly worry from Mary as the weather looks like it will be awful tomorrow.


Monument to Scientists


One thought on “The Commonwealth

  1. !!!Congratulations Lily!!!
    When your adventure is complete, I will miss your blog very much.
    Love the “monument to scientists” ending. I hope Ursi and Monroe read this blog. They participated in the March for Science in San Francisco. (Was just too important for a 92 year old to miss.)
    If he read your blog today Monroe will be very touched and you are forever family.


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