Day off exploring Salem!


Colorful Colonial houses

Yesterday was a pretty crummy ride into Salem with a near constant drizzle of rain and weather in the mid to low 40s. The ride was pretty short and pretty flat. I ended up staying with some excellent hosts, Marin and Paul. I met Marin and Paul through Dana and Mary from Westborough and I met Dana and Mary through my hosts Alice and Alex in Albany. It is the longest chain of amazing hosts I have met.



House of the Seven Gables – the house and it’s occupants inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel of the same name

I spent the significantly nicer day of today being a tourist and wandering around town. Just walking around town was like a walk in history. most of the houses are old colonial houses, many of which have the date on which they were constructed and the name and occupation of the original owner. Besides the strictly amazing architecture, the neighborhoods are full of color. the houses are painted historically accurate shades of yellow, blue, green, purple, black, and brown, with equally colorful shutters and doors.


Royal au Chocolat

Salem is home to many wonderful food and historical places. Food wise I went a beautiful French Patisserie called Caramel, 2 Ice cream stops (Chocolate Raspberry at Captain Dusty’s homemade ice cream, and Minty Blueberry at Melt), and a delicious brie and ham sandwich at A&J King’s bakery. History wise I visited the House of the Seven Gables, the Salem Cemetery, and the Salem Visitor Center where I saw a wonderful video about the Salem Witch Trials.


Gravestone of Judge John Hathorne 

It was great finally seeing the ocean. I am 2 days from Portland, Maine!





4 thoughts on “Day off exploring Salem!

  1. That is terrific Lily!!!
    What a great day you had. I know you were looking forward to Salem and it looks like it was as interesting as you had hoped for.
    Two days to Portland! That is so awesome!!
    (Bev is hosting her first Warm Showers rider tomorrow, thanks to you.)


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